Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Disney Afternoon Tribute (Part 1): Where to Start?

Hello folks, do you remember watching Disney Afternoon when you were a kid? Well a lot of people do seems having a childhood meromies of their fave TDA shows back in the day when it was used to be, just like Doug Walker (aka Nonstagic Critic) who like Disney animated series mostly.

The reason why I made the blog entry is this year marks 20th Anniversary of The Disney Afternoon block on Toon Disney (it was changed to Disney XD on Feb 13, 2009) (unlucky day, huh?). We’ll looking back of best of TDA series, Disney-centric of NC review & many more.

How all begins? Well let’s find out

On September 10, 199, The Disney Afternoon began as a 2-hour of syndicated programs that began airing in 1990. the block first saw on FOX (not sure), the fall preview of TDA block was shown during in summer of 1989 before the block premiered on FOX or CBC (hard to tell which one).

Here’s fall preview promo of TDA ‘First Look’ vid:

Stay tuned Part II as we'll showing best of DA theme songs.