Friday, June 26, 2009

TELETOON (Part 3): Donkey Kong Country

I remember the show based of video game was Donkey Kong Country was only have 2 seasons which is first CGI & TELETOON series was being maded in Canada & Franc 2 (studio). it follows the adventures with Donkey Kong & and his friends were protect from crstyal ball.

Donkey Kong Country is a joint between France and Canada computer-generated animated television series based on the Nintendo franchise Donkey Kong as portrayed in the Donkey Kong Country video game series by Rare. The series was created by French studio France 2 and Nelvana. It was originally titled La Plan├Ęte Donkey Kong. It first aired in France on September 4, 1996; it premiered late in the United States on the Fox Kids block on FOX in August 15, 1998. After only 2 episodes, the cartoon later moved to Fox Family.

The show begins by portraying Donkey Kong, a regular ape in the jungle who happens to stumble upon a magic coconut called the Crystal Coconut that summons (at Donkey's command) a pile of magic bananas. After Donkey and his friends consume the bananas, they are granted with increased intelligence and strength, enabling them to defeat enemies such as K. Rool and Kaptain Skurvy, who wish to possess the Crystal Coconut for themselves. Each episode features two songs performed by cast members.

Four episodes were released in North America on a single VHS cassette titled, Donkey Kong Country: The Legend of the Crystal Coconut and was marketed as a feature length film. However, these episodes are not in chronological order, as a flashback shown in the third episode actually occurs in the fourth episode of the tape. The U.S.A. Version of the Tape was distributed by: Paramount Pictures, Nintendo, and Nelvana.
Donkey Kong Country was one of the earlier television series to be computer-animated to match the artistic style of the Rare video game series, and garnered critical acclaim in France and Japan but only marginal success in the West. Several elements of the series appeared in later Donkey Kong Country video games such as Donkey Kong 64, which was released a year after the show had started airing on FOX. It later aired on Fox Family.

The show had a large line of merchandise in Japan including a collectible card game, featuring drawings of characters some that never appeared in the series. The card game was later adapted to be based on Donkey Kong 64. The television series took over the TV Tokyo 6:30 P.M. timeslot from Gokudo, and was later replaced with Hamtaro.

Here's the intro of TELETOON's Donkey Kong Country (tv series):

And here's the outro of Donkey Kong Country

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